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Group Music Classes 2013-2014
Group Class Schedules & Descriptions

At Anchorage Music & Dance Center, we know some students learn better in a group setting. In addition to our Private Music Lessons, we offer Group Music Classes for beginning students in Guitar & Rock Band Performance & Recording.

Beginner Guitar Class 7-9yrs; 10-13yrs

In this weekly 45-minute class, beginners enjoy learning to play the guitar in a fun, social setting. Students will learn basic chords, popular songs, and how to keep time in a group. They will be strumming chords to multiple songs and reading TAB & notations in just a few months.


This is a great experience that gives students skills and confidence to play along with others at church, school, etc. The limited class size of 6 students allows for individual attention within the group dynamic. Students will perform as a group at the recitals, with an opportunity for a "Solo Spotlight".

Saturday (7-9yrs): 9-9:45am - Teacher: Francisco Badillo
Saturday (10-12yrs): 10-10:45am - Teacher: Ken Siebels


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Intermediate Guitar Class (10-12yrs)

For students who have already completed a beginner guitar class, they will continue epxploring TAB and notation and learn more songs with greater difficulty.

Monday (10-12yrs): 4-4:45pm - Teacher: Francisco Badillo


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Rock Band Performance & Recording Class (10-16yrs)

This class is designed for intermediate to advanced students who are currently enrolled in private lessons at Anchorage Music & Dance Center and have received their teacher's recommendation for this class. Electric guitar, electric bass, drum, keyboard & voice students will be grouped together to play & record in a rock band.


The instructors will coach each student on the music they play and their role in the band. In addition to performing rock classics, students will be encouraged to improvise solos and bring original song ideas to class for the band to develop. Songs completed by the class will be recorded & the bands will perform at a concert, twice during the school year.

Thursday: 4-4:45pm - Teacher: Ken Siebels
Thursday: 6-6:45pm - Teacher: Troy Anniskett
Thursday: 7-7:45pm - Teacher: Ken Siebels


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