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Anchorage Music & Dance Center
is proud to include the American Ballet Theatre's National Training Curriculum
in our dance program



Dance Classes 2014-2015

Acro (6-10yrs)

Learning Acro is a fun way for students to achieve core strength, better balance and self confidence in their body and abilities. Our class will include warm ups that teach students how to properly stretch and make their bodies more flexible. Skills such as forward & back rolls, back bends, cartwheels and front & back straddles will be taught on the mats, all under close supervision

Tuesday: 4-5pm     Register Online Now!

Ballet (6-7yrs & 8-10yrs):

Our Ballet classes will follow the American Ballet curriculum and be taught by a ABT Certified Teacher. This program is a natural progression for our Angelina Ballerina & Kindergarten Ballet students. Classes will continue to focus on building a solid foundation in ballet technique with an emphasis on proper placement and safe progressions of movement. All while remaining sensitive to the developmental needs of younger dancers and having fun!     Register Online Now!

6-7yrs: Tuesday: 4-5pm, Saturday: 11am-12pm
8-10yrs: Thursday: 4-5pm

Ballet/Modern Combo (6-10yrs)

This class incorporates the fundamentals of ballet with the free flowing movements of lyrical modern, most widely known from Fox network's competition 'So You Think You Can Dance,' in which dancers tell a story with their bodies. Many basics of ballet and modern will be covered to prepare the dancer for their next class in either style.

Monday: 5-6pm       Register Online Now!

Ballet/Tap Combo (7-11yrs)

This class will be in 30 min blocks. The first will expose dancers to the building blocks of ballet. The basics of posture, turnout, and movement will be the focus, as well as an introduction to the terminology commonly used in ballet. The second half will teach students basic tap terms and moves, training muscles for isolated foot moves, and class routine. Emphasis is placed on the importance of rhythm and clear sounds, and students will be exposed to a variety of exercises and combinations that are designed to strengthen core muscles and improve balance.

Monday: 6-7pm      Register Online Now!

Broadway Dance (7-11yrs)

This active class introduces students to the combined art forms of song and dance, the key components of Broadway's greatest musicals. Students learn combinations and choreography to songs from Broadway, Movies & Television Musicals.       Register Online Now!

Saturday: 11am-12pm

Hip Hop (6-8yrs; 9-13yrs)

In this class, students will explore rhythms and sounds and how they translate in their body. They will learn basic steps to contemporary funk hip-hop music and popular songs heard on the radio, as well as learn how to count to musical beats of the song in the form called "dancers eight." Class will incorporate how to stay grounded, initiate isolations and fluid transitions, and how to string movement together to form a choreographic piece.      Register Online Now!

6-8yrs: Wednesday: 4-5pm, Saturday: 10-11am
9-13yrs: Tuesday: 6-7pm

Hip Hop/Modern Combo (7-12yrs)

Students will combine the basics of hip hop with the free expression of beginner, modern dance. They will learn fluid isolations, how to count music, as well as how to work to remember choreography. This energetic class will teach combinations to popular hit music as well as R&B styles. This is a great class for students with no prior dance experience or students who already have taken a beginner hip hop or modern dance class.       Register Online Now!

Thursday: 6-7pm

Jazz/Hip Hop Combo (7-11yrs)

Class explores jazz dance as seen on TV, stage & in music videos and Hip Hop which introduces basic steps to contemporary funk hip-hop music. Class begins with a warm up to improve strength, flexibility, posture & alignment. Students are taught which muscles dancers us to make movements or create shapes. They will also learn how to count to music beats of the song in the form called "dancers eight.       Register Online Now!

Friday: 5-6pm

Jazz/Tap Combo (6-10yrs)

This class will teach students basic tap terms and moves, training muscles for isolated foot moves, and class routine. Emphasis is placed on the importance of rhythm and clear sounds. Students will also learn the basics of jazz dance and see how dancers create shapes with body movement.

Wednesday: 5-6pm       Register Online Now!

Modern/Lyrical Combo (11-16yrs)

This class will explore a technique called "weighted release", which is more loose and free-flowing than ballet. This class will also practice improvisation and ballet technique, but with a modern twist. This lyrical approach to modern dance showcases the dancer's unique abilities of movement & trains them in techniques used in all forms of dance.

Friday: 6-7pm      Register Online Now!

Musical Theatre Song & Dance Performance (6-8yrs) & (9-13yrs)

This dynamic class introduces students to the combined art forms of song and dance. Class work consists of a jazz warm-up, stretching, and building a vocabulary of steps and combinations, and learning to sing along with the music while dancing. Students have the opportunity to perform in our annual Spring Recital. Each class will be taught by both a dance teacher and a voice teacher.

6-8yrs: Saturday: 12-1pm      Register Online Now!
9-13yrs: Saturday: 2-3:30pm      Register Online Now!

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