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Anchorage Music & Dance Center
is proud to include the American Ballet Theatre's National Training Curriculum
in our dance program


Ballroom Dance Classes 2012-2013

Our Ballroom Dance Program is lead by Emily Gomulak, Ballroom Dance Educator & Certified Adjudicator for Ballroom Dancesport. Sandra is an award winning ballroom dancer and her enthusiasm for dance is contagious. (Read Sandra's bio)


In our classes, students will be taught the history of each dance, where to use the dance and to what kind of music. Introduction to Ballroom Dance will give students the tools they'll need to progress as a social dancer: Steps, Lead/Follow and Timing. All while having fun and meeting new people! We also offer Private Ballroom Lessons for singles or a couple throughout the week; please call for available times.


These are great classes for students of all ages, including adults! Our classes are for the whole family: Father/Daughter; Mother/Son; & Individuals from 7yrs to adult!


Ballroom ABC's

In this introductory class, students will learn 4 of the most popular dances: the Waltz; Foxtrot; Swing; and Salsa. No partner is required to attend this class, only an open mind and interest in having fun while you learn. Students will learn how to ask a partner for a dance and how to accept a dance. How to lead and follow a dance requires each partner to do their part. This is why students will learn each step by themselves first before dancing with a partner.


This is a great class to get the whole family involved in dance! If you are a Mother/Son or Father/Daughter partnership, just enroll in the class appropriate to the age of your child.

Tuesday: 6-7:00pm (7-15yrs or w/Parent)     Register Online Now!
Wednesday: 6-7:00pm (16yrs-Adult)     Register Online Now!

Ballroom Basic 6

This class will teach students how to 'Dance Like the Stars'! Students with no or little experience are welcome. They will be introduced to a variety of social dance styles, suitable for those with little or no experience with social dancing. Students will have fun learning American-style Foxtrot, Cha-Cha, Tango, Triple Swing, Waltz & Rumba, with a focus on leading and following in social situations.

Wednesday: 7-8:00pm (16yrs–Adult) Register Online Now!

Daddy & Daughter/Mother & Son Dance

This ballroom class is designed so parents can spend some quality time with their children! What's better than both of you learning something new while enjoying healthy exercise and having fun? Students will learn introductory ballroom dances such as the Waltz, Foxtrot & Swing. If you're looking to schedule special time with your child, dancing is a great way to bring you together.

Wednesday: 5-6:00pm (6yrs + w/Parent)      Register Online Now!

Salsa for Adults & Salsa for Teens

Salsa is rapidly becoming the most popular club dance. Fast and energetic like the music, you’ll learn basics and turns to wow the crowd. The music & moves in this class are hot!

Thursday: 7-8:00pm (16yrs-Adult)      Register Online Now!

Swing Kids

Before there was Hip Hop, there was the Lindy Hop; and it was just as popular as Hip Hop is today. This dance flows with the energy of hot Jazz from the '20's to the Big Bands of the '40's. Swing is a joyful dance with a solid, flowing style that closely reflects it's music. We're Swing Dance crazy, baby! Join us for the basics on Swing Dancing and have FUN!

Thursday: 6-7pm (7-16yrs)      Register Online Now!

Youth Ballroom

'So, You Think You Can Dance'? Or do you really want to learn how? Then you should be at this camp! Learn to lead and follow and timing for popular ballroom dances such as waltz, foxtrot & swing. Dance steps will be practiced individually first, before dancing with a partner. An emphasis on dance patterns will build students' skills & confidence. Next stop Dancing with the Stars!

Friday: 6-7:00pm (7-16yrs)      Register Online Now!

Youth Latin Dances

Students will have fun learning Latin dances like cha-cha, samba and rumba. Cha Cha is a favorite because it is easy to learn, fun to dance, and it can be used to a wide variety of music. Samba is the national dance of Brazil. It is most famous as the featured dance in the fabulous "Carnival" held annually in Rio de Janeiro. Rumba is a Latin Dance with Afro-Cuban origins. All these dances are the popular latin dances as seen on Dancing with the Stars television.


Friday: 5-6pm (7-16yrs)      Register Online Now!


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